International Programmer Day

International programmer day is a programmer's day. It is a special day of celebration that is observed every year on 12 September. The International Programmer's Day was started in 1996 by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

12 September

On 12 September, we will celebrate International Programmer Day.

Join us for an evening of programming and snacks. A chance to work on or learn about your favourite programming language, or maybe something new! Bring your own laptop if you want to use it - otherwise we have computers available for you!

Programmer Day

This is a day to celebrate the work of programmers. It's also a day to celebrate their achievements and contributions, but most importantly it's a day to celebrate the fact that they exist at all on this planet.

We have chosen International Programmer Day as March 11th because it is the birthday of Ada Lovelace, who in 1842 wrote an algorithm for Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine which was possibly intended as part of a plan for writing computer programs by mechanical means. Read More: Travel Jember Malang

The first actual programmer day took place on October 13th, 1958, at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire when a group of students celebrated their love for programming by eating pizza and playing ping pong together! It was so much fun that they decided every year after this will be programmer day where you should party with your friends or coworkers over some tasty food while talking about googly eyes or whatever else comes up during conversation since there are no rules except one: everyone must agree beforehand that they will participate in some way (even if just silently) throughout this time period, so everyone knows what going on without having anyone feel left out! And then afterwards maybe some dancing too if there's enough space available around here somewhere...

International Day

International Programmer Day is a chance to celebrate the work of programmers, who are often overlooked in our daily lives. It's also a way to encourage people to use what they know as they move through the world and interact with others.

Here are some things you can do on this day:

  • Learn something new about programming or computer science

  • Use technology in ways that make you feel more empowered and confident

  • Teach someone else about programming or computer science (even if it's just the basics)


What exactly is the International Day?

The International Day is an international holiday observed by all countries of the world on October 24th each year. It's a day to celebrate and promote cultural diversity, understanding, and peace among nations. The first celebration of this holiday took place in 1948 after World War II ended in 1945, but it wasn't until 1968 that the United Nations officially recognized it as an international observance.

International Programmer Day is an annual holiday celebrated on September 12th. The day marks the anniversary of the invention of COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language), a programming language that was first introduced in 1959.

Since 2010, this special day has been observed across the globe by programmers and other IT professionals who use COBOL or have friends who do so. The holiday is not widely known outside of these circles, but it remains popular among its adherents who gather together to celebrate their passion for coding with impromptu meetups and parties.

Who is the inventor of programming language?

In the mid-1800s, Charles Babbage was developing a programmable computer that would be able to perform mathematical calculations. He called it the Analytical Engine.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Alan Turing and Grace Hopper worked to develop machines that could be programmed using instructions written in programming languages. They created several early programming languages for this purpose but often received little recognition for their efforts until later on in their lives when they were recognized as pioneers of computing technology.

What is computer programming

Computer programming is the process of writing and testing codes that allows a computer to perform a specific task.

A programmer is someone who writes computer programs.

Is it important to learn computer programming

Yes, it's important to learn computer programming. The demand for software engineers is growing, and that means there are more jobs available in this field than ever before. Learning how to code can help you get a job, find a job, get a promotion at your current job (if you're already an engineer) or become more employable if you don't know how yet.

International programmer day

The first International Programmer's Day was celebrated on September 12, 1967. The purpose of this day is to let everyone know that programming is a creative art and can be fun.

On September 12, 1967, there were two events that happened on the same day: the first publication of the famous book "Programming Languages" by Alan Perlis and second, the first celebration of International Programmer Day! The book "Programming Languages" had been published before 1966 but it became more popular after 1967 when it was released for free in electronic form as well as printed form (with permission from author). Rental Mobil Jember

Alan Perlis was an American computer scientist who invented many different concepts still used today such as call-by-value parameters or dynamic binding - both fundamental ideas needed by any programming language. He is also considered one of greatest contributors to computer science ever!


In this blog I have discussed the importance of international programmer day.